Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WIP Day - Suiting Up for Half-Way

It's Wednesday!  Again!

Why does my head hurt?  For the last few days it has just been aching, and this is getting old.  I literally cheered when I wrote that it was Wednesday, now I am regretting it.  Ouch.

NaNoWriMo is now half done.
(Or is it half begun... hmmm...)

I am doing alright.  I have slowed on my word count, but am still ahead of the curve each day.  I grumble since this time last year I "won" with Prison Nation.  Then I remind myself that this book is complete different and just may take longer.  That's okay.  As long as I hit 50k by the 30th, right?

Tomorrow night I am going to the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn with my sister-in-laws.

(Yes, I am going.  I am not a fan of midnight showings, since I tend to totally zone out, or just fall asleep.  Tired mama. But it is a tradition with my sister-in-laws and must be done!  We are even suiting up this year, ala Barney Stinson!  We will be going with style.  Because you know... nothing suits me like a suit...)

We go early.  Very early.  Gotta get that good seat!  I plan to bring my netbook as we wait in line.  It should get me some good writing time to plug in some decent word count.  If any of you are in my area and see me there (I will be the suited up one in glassed being as my contacts are dead, with a netbook covered in NaNoWriMo and Stumpy stickers) make sure to tell at me to WRITE.

Word count as of last night: 28,789
Words to go: 21, 211

Now, time to remind myself that I am not a horrible writer who should never type another word... and just keep typing those words!

Prison Nation:
Did you see my cover?  I revealed it this last Monday, and got some very very nice comments from many people.  You all make me happy.  Really, you do. Can I hug you?

Release date is still... tentative.  I am rushing to finish my final sweep, while writing RS, while editing photos, while being mommy... Why are days only 24 hours long?  It just isn't fair.  I was hoping to get it released this month, but who knows.  It may be December.  It may be January (though I have "threatened" by friends to not wait that long...)  I will keep you all updated!

How is your WIP Day?  Have you written a word?  Folded laundry?  Read a good book?

Happy Writing!


Trisha said...

I'm excited about seeing Breaking Dawn pt.1, but as yet I have no plans for it. I may just have to take myself along. By myself.

Hang in there with NaNo, sometimes it can be a hard slog! but it's worth it in the end!

Re: my WIPs, not too bad. I am feeling the 'hard slog' thing myself though.

Sylvia Ney said...

Congratulations - you won!


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