The Proof is HERE!

Guess what came in the mail.  That's right! 
My proof copy of Prison Nation. AH!

I thought it would be fun to share the opening of the package with all of you, since you all have been such a big part of this creation and process with me.  Forgive the pajamas... it was nighttime and hey, that is my usual get-up while writing anyway.  True Jenni, right there.

And the best part of all this (other than holding my own book for the first! Okay, that does take the cake):
-Last November 30th I was sitting back, amazed that I had finally written my first book.  Prison Nation had been born.
-November 30th of this year... I received the proof copy of that very book!  Honestly... How awesome is that?

Okay okay... I need to stop just staring at my BOOK... MY book... and actually start proofing it.

Who knows... if all goes awesome, it just may be out there for sale before we expect it. I will of course let you know. :)

*stares at book some more*


David P. King said…
Awesome. It would be sweet to see one of mine come in the mail. Best of luck to your proofing! :)
Jenna Cooper said…
Awesome! I can imagine how on-top-of-the-world you must feel right now.
Keary Taylor said…
Okay, that's pretty freaking cool it came on November 30th! Totally hadn't thought of that. You're amazing Jenni! Huge congrats and I can't wait to see where PN goes!!
I totally teared up watching that! much extra for authographed? You know, so when your world famous I can say we were part of the same nano group :P
Jenni Merritt said…
Aw thanks everyone! I am still super giddy... just was a total dork and took photos of my book. I really need to just proof it already instead of just loving on it ;)

Live - I will be posting more about prices once I approve the proof. But I can tell you: I won't be charging extra for signed copies. You will be able to order a signed one directly from me. (That or we can meet up, being as we are awesome NaNo Portlanders) :)

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