Wednesday, December 7, 2011

WIP Day - Ordering Books and TGIO

Brr it is COLD.  Seriously.  I am wrapped up in a blanket (okay... my zebra snuggie.  Yes, that's right.  Snuggie.  And I love it), a couple layers of clothing, heaters on... and I am still cold.  This entire week has been freezing.  But sadly, no snow.

Yes, I am a kid at heart.  And snow makes me happy.

At least the cold gives me a good excuse to cuddle down with a book and read.  Come on snow...

Anyhoo!  It is Wednesday, and WIP day.

Unless you have been internetless, or under a rock, or avoiding me... Prison Nation has almost been out there for one week now.  I still am having a hard time believing it.  Then I go to Amazon or Goodreads, and remind myself it is real.  Oh, so real.

By the way: I now have a Goodreads Author page.  Eep!

I just ordered my first box of books.  I cannot wait for that prettiness to get here!  Friends have already ordered their signed copies, much to my amazement, and once the box gets here I get to send those paperbacks out into the world.

(If you want to order a signed copy, please email me and we can chat)

I am thinking about doing a give away for PN.  What do you think?  Want a free copy?  Hmm...

In Other News:
I have decided to take December off writing.  Catch up on my photo backlog.  (Though being a dork and doing a photoshoot of my book doesn't help) Read.  (Lots and lots of reading) All of that.  It seems to be working pretty well, at this moment in time.

This last Saturday I went to my local NaNoWriMo TGIO Party.
It was an awesome event.  We ate cookies, chit chatted about writerly things, then were given the chance to get up and read a snippet from our NaNovels.

Now, I have vowed to not even look at RS for... some time.  So I brought PN with me (which was my 2010 NaNovel) and read a snippet from that.  It felt so great to stand in front of people, holding my book, and reading from it.  Completely nerve-racking (I grew up performing on stage, but I swear, this reading my voice was shaking the entire time!), but still great.

Then I spent the rest of the time taking tons of photos.  Because, you know, that's what I do.  Hey NaNoPDX... I love you!

Being there made me antsy to write again.  Yes, even after the craziness of NaNo I still feel the urge to write write write.
ITB has been sitting since the end of August, and has begun to nag on my mind.  It is almost editing time for it.  This next year?  It will be yet another editing year, though I do have a writing project in mind I may start underneath it, if I haven't gone completely crazy with editing.  A hint at the topic? Hmm... Let's just say it has to do with a Greek myth.

How long do you like to wait before you begin editing a WIP?
Got another WIP tugging at your mind?
Any news in your world?  Do share!

Happy Writing!


Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

Your voice was not shaking! And I'm waiting a month on Misfits...but I've always been an edit as you go girl. I'm thinking that's one of the reason's my first book never got finished though :P

Jenni Merritt said...

It wasn't? That's good to know! Because I sure felt like it was... :)


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