Wednesday, December 21, 2011

WIP Day - Sickness Be GONE

This has been one of those weeks that I won't miss.

First off, I got sick.
Sore throat that made me fear swallowing.  Sneezing up a storm.  Runny nose that I couldn't catch.  I think I spent most of Friday out of it, only awake because I had mommy duties.  As soon as hubby came home, I was gone.

That was pretty much my weekend right there.  A friend visited, dropped his cat off for us to cat sit for a few weeks. (Big orange love of a thing.  The cat, not the friend) but honestly, I just wanted to sleep most of the weekend away.

I am starting to feel better now.  Except this stupid headache that refuses to let up.

Along with that, I am dealing with some family issues in my life (do not worry, hubby and my kiddos are doing great.  It's other family...) and it is really stressing me out.  Again, to the point that I just want to sleep and turn off my phone because it is easier to pretend everything is honky-dory.

Needless to say, that is why I lacked in a post on Monday.  I had an idea of what to write, but just couldn't get myself to do it.  Here I am now though!

No true WIP updates.  In a little over a week I will start in on my editing of ITB.  Oooo... Along with that, I have two different stories now battling for me to write.  I love them both.  I want to try and write one while editing ITB, but we will see how that goes.

Thanks for sharing the love, Kati!
As for PN, it is going good.  I still need to market it a bit more, but life just keeps getting in the way.  It has been fun to see people adding it to their TBR on Goodreads.  And to see friends who have ordered copies post photos of them holding my book.  Brings a tear to my eye, not only that it is my book they are holding, but they even took the photo.  I feel the love.

I am trying to decide if I want to enroll PN in the KDP Select program for Kindle.  It could give me opportunity for more exposure and pay, but at the same time it means I cannot have a digital copy any where else, so Nook would have to go.  Have you heard of Select?  Thoughts?

I mailed off my first batch of ordered signed copies.  Let me tell you, waiting in line in the post office the weekend before Christmas... Maybe not the best choice on my part.  Luckily I had a friend with me, and the kind older lady behind us in line who successfully talked nonstop to us for about 45 minutes about collecting glass cups.  Fascinating...

If you have ordered a signed copy from me and haven't received it, it is probably because I have not received the payment for it yet.  As for if you want a copy from me and aren't sure how to go about it, email me and we can chat.  Sadly, I can only do in state orders, unless you are willing to pay more for s/h.

Oh! Speaking of that!
To those of you who live in those countries that lack Amazon, but still want a copy of PN... It is now on the Book Depository!  I went and checked the other day.  Typed in my name, and boom, there it was.  Now then, it lacked an image of the cover and the synopsis was an add for dog food... but the ISBN was right.  I emailed the BD and it has all been corrected.  Hurray!

Well, that is about it for me this week.  Don't forget to send Keary some awesome high fives for signing that movie deal with Eden!  Exciting times people!

Happy Writing!

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Trisha said...

YAY, BD has the correct synopsis. I'm going to order a copy now :)

Don't get me wrong, Aus does have access to's just that postage is RIDICULOUSLY expensive.


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