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Book Review - A Million Suns

A Million Suns
by Beth Revis

Synopsis: (from Goodreads)
Godspeed was fueled by lies. Now it is ruled by chaos.
It's been three months since Amy was unplugged. The life she always knew is over. And everywhere she looks, she sees the walls of the spaceship Godspeed. But there may just be hope: Elder has assumed leadership of the ship. He's finally free to enact his vision - no more Phydus, no more lies.

But when Elder discovers shocking news about the ship, he and Amy race to discover the truth behind life on Godspeed. They must work together to unlock a puzzle that was set in motion hundreds of years earlier, unable to fight the romance that's growing between them and the chaos that threatens to tear them apart.

In book two of the Across the Universe trilogy, New York Times bestselling author Beth Revis mesmerizes us again with a brilliantly crafted mystery filled with action, suspense, romance, and deep philosophical questions. And this time it all builds to one mind-bending conclusion: They have to get off this ship.

Why I Picked this Book:  I very much so enjoyed Across the Universe and knew there was no way I could not read book two.

My Thoughts:
Oh Beth Revis... Can I live in your head?

A Million Suns is book two in Beth Revis' exciting Young Adult sci-fi series Across the Universe.  It takes place pretty much directly where book one ends, and doesn't pause a moment in momentum or story.

Note: If you haven't read Across the Universe yet, this review may spoil some things for you.  Just saying.

Eldest is gone.  Elder is now in charge of the ship and everyone is off of the mind-controlling drug Phydus.  The problem?  Now that they can think for themselves, they aren't so sure they want a teen to be in control of their lives.  Not to mention they still don't trust Amy, the strange Earth born girl who just doesn't fit in.

There are revolts.  There is betrayel.  There is love, and fighting, and humor, and broken hearts.  Honestly, this book goes everywhere.  It dives into the core of who people are, with their need to ever be in control yet yearn for someone to lead them.  And the utter drive of humanity to deny anything true, just because it is a scary thought.

I found myself so mad at the inhabitants of Godspeed that I was fuming and sputtering to myself.
I love it.

My only issues with A Million Suns was, at least for me, the predictability.  From the get-go I guessed the bad guy of book two and was almost sad that I was right.  Revis did save it though with some twists to his 'reasons why' that I did not expect.

Oh, and Amy.  Needless to say, I prefer Elder over Amy any day.  There is just something about her... maybe the fact that she keeps pushing this guy away even though in the same breath she says she wants him.  Come on girl!

As with book one, this book is written from two different POV's: Elder and Amy.  I don't know if maybe I have just read more than I did with book one... if Revis has just gotten better... or something else out there.  But this time around I found it much easier to stay in the story and enjoy it.

As for the ending... where is book three??

Needless to say: I loved this read.  Revis is by far securing herself in my list of favorite authors, and I cannot wait to read more.  If you enjoyed Across the Universe, make sure you pick this book up quick and see where the adventure goes next.

My Rating:
(5 out of 5 stars)

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I look forward to reading #2 as well :)


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