Monday, February 20, 2012

What Post?

Today I severely lack in a decent blog post, due mostly to two factors:
  1. We got a new TV.  Yes, we have now joined the 21st century.  And even watching Toy Story 3 on it with my two kiddos is an all out mind-blowing experience.
  2. I had a meeting with a client today, planning out her wedding day of which I have been given the honor of photographing.  My head is still in wedding photo land.  And I love it.
So sadly, I have no awesome Monday post for this week.  I couldn't leave you with nothing though.  Here is an amazing quote from Ira Glass that I think every artist must hang (or post) somewhere.

Remember everyone: You are awesome.


Trisha said...

Great quote! I need a new TV...haha. I don't even have an old one anymore!

Trisha said...

P.S. gave you an award:


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