Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WIP Day - Post Heart Day Coma

Wednesday just really likes to sneak up on me, doesn't it?
I swear it was just Wednesday...

Valentines day has come and gone.  Many of you are most likely in some sort of chocolate/rose coma.  Or suffering from the more likely lack-of-chocolate/rose depression.  Whichever boat you find yourself in, I hope you at least had a decent heart day this year.

As for me:  My hubby and I got some good old Panda Express, stayed at home (for the lack of babysitters) and watched more of season 2 of Supernatural.  Nice and casual... and I really can't complain.

As much as I do dream of a romantic dinner for two, surprise red roses, expensive chocolates and sparkling jewelry (come on... what girl doesn't?) I couldn't have asked for anything better than Chinese food in PJs, an awesome show, and my hubby.  Life sure can be good.

As for writing updates...
ITB is in dire need of attention.  I have been such a major slacker lately, I am embarrassed to even admit it.  I honestly don't know what has come over me.  But this will change.  It has to.  Because ITB is awesome and deserves my non stop attention, sleepless nights, and over doses of Mountain Dew.  

Tonight I have an online edit fest planned with awesome friend Keary Taylor.  My goal: Rewrite at least two chapters.  If I do any more than that... I may even get to reward myself.

We cannot cancel this Keary!  (Imagine me growling at you...)

How about you?  Good update news?  Bad news? Eh, I ate too much chocolate news?  Do share!

And leaving you today...
Have you seen those memes going around lately, the ones sporting what different people think of a certain profession?  I love them!  The photographer one is pretty dead on, along with the stay at home mom one.

Well, I scoured for one about authors and as of yet was unable to find any.  So, for fun, I slapped this meme together.  Enjoy!

Happy Writing!

1 comment:

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

I had a sucky Valentines day - but it was all due to migraines so I can't blame the hubby! I'm right there with ya - waaaaay too far behind on writing stuff :( I love the meme you put together though :D

Ps. - your captcha tried to give me greek characters...seriously!


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