Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WIP Day - Weekly Misplans

Hello internet world.
Here is something that I have come to realize about my week:

WIP Day.  I sit down to write my update post, and realize that my updates are no where near where I want them to be.  I make a vow to myself to do better this next week.

Still on a high from the newly stoked fire under my butt, I work a little on my WIP.  It feels great.  I can do this.

I wake up in the morning, set on making it an epic Friday night, full of caffeine, chocolate, and lots of creative juices.  This ends up being a 50/50 event.  Half the time I stick to my goal and 'git er done.'  The other half... I find myself watching yet another episode of Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Make it or Break it, etc...

But that's okay.  Because it is now Saturday.  Hubby is home and I have all day to sneak away and do my thing.  But how can I resist the cuddle time?  And the fort building?  Oh, and laundry needs to be folded.  And we need groceries.  And I was so going to write tonight, except hubby turned on Supernatural again and I don't want to get behind...

Most of the day consists of getting ready for church, going to church, coming home from church, making dinner, picking up, bedtime... Night time rolls around and I manage a little bit of creative me-time... then Pinterest and Facebook updating calls and I...

Okay, honestly, is my writing week almost over?  Goodness me!  I need to get caught back up.  Then I realize I still have a photo editing backlog I need to finish before I do my next shoot.  And my kids want their third peanut butter sandwich of the day, and look at that they dumped out their toys all over their bedroom, again.  By the time they are in bed, I am ready to conk out too.  Mondays.  Uhg.

I have one day left to break out my awesomeness and get back to my goal.  I can do this.  I can.  I write some... then remember those pesky photos... then somehow I find myself watching yet another episode of Supernatural cuddled up with my hubby while my word doc is sitting open on my computer.  Crying.

Rinse.  And repeat.

This is how the last few weeks have been for me.  What happened to my groove?  I was doing so great most of last year.  And now... I lack a groove.  I have become that awkward geeky white girl who went to the party and is thrashing around on the dance floor, smacking people in the face and begging to be thrown out.

Yes, I went there.
And yes, I have done that.  I am not ashamed.  Mostly.

And here is where I make my promise to myself that I will do better this week and show last week what is what.

I have decided the promise is not enough.  Today, I am going to sit down and work out an actual schedule for myself.  I hate planning, but it has gotten to the point that if I don't plan something soon, I will be thrown out of the party, thick rimmed glasses in tow.

Total, complete side note: 
I was checking out the website for the library I grew up snagging books from.  Ah, memories.  Well, I decided to type in my name and see what happened.  I wasn't expecting anything.  Lo and behold, Prison Nation popped up!  And even better?  It was checked out!

I know it is a small town library.  But man, I can't explain the feeling of awesomeness I felt at that moment.  I even took a screen shot.  And I know you want to see it.  *beams*

That is it for me.
How about you?  Weekly plans making or breaking?  Do share!

Happy Writing!


Kay Elam said...

In The Tennessean, Nashville's daily, there was an article this morning on perfectionism. The gist of it was: In today's world we should redefine perfection. The new perfect should be good enough. And somewhere between perfection and a doing nothing is serenity, which is the ideal place to be.

Sounds to me like you're trying to be perfect in lots of categories. Give yourself a break, accept good enough and find yourself some serenity.

This falls in the category of take my advice. I'm not using it. :-)

Trisha said...

That's so awesome that your hometown library has a copy of your book :D I've daydreamed of the day when I have a book published that will appear in my library too. hehe

I hate planning too, but I did make myself a 'weekly goal chart' this year that I am ticking things off on as I go. It helps!

Jenni Merritt said...

Kay - Hmm... serenity does sound nice. Dang it, now I want to watch the movie.

Trisha - I can't wait to visit my hometown again, just so I can see it on those shelves! :D


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