Friday, March 23, 2012

Prison Nation Promotion Weekend

Today (Friday, 3/23) through Sunday (3/25) Prison Nation will be available FREE on Kindle.

Yes.  Free.

Been wanting a copy but couldn't get that $2.99 rounded up?  Here is your chance!  Just head on over to Kindle, and get the copy for free!  This ends Sunday though.  I can't keep it free forever.  So don't delay!  (Or do... and support me by buying a copy later... your choice.  *wink*)

And of course, spread the word!  I think it is about time I tell more people about this novel of mine.  And I need your help!

  • Send out a tweet with the hashtag #PrisonNation
  • Share it on Facebook (Feel free to tag my FB page!)
  • Blog.  Text.  Whisper in ears.  What pleases you.

Your help means so much to me.  And your support is priceless.
Thank you!

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