Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Super Cleaning...Joy?

I need superpowers.  Badly. (image source)

Today I am in a mad cleaning frenzy.
Partly because I have two of my closest friends visiting me this weekend.  Partly because I have finally gotten to the point that this exploded home is barely recognizable.  And a smidge part because I almost want to.

Closets are jam packed with junk, laundry is still waiting to be put away, the boys' bedroom... don't get me started on the disaster zone that once was the bedroom of my two boys.

My, what I would give right now to have time freezing powers, never ending energy, super speed...

Because of this, I seemingly have no time for 'me' today.  I know busting out a great blog post shouldn't take much time at all, but at this moment I am wrestling one boy away from the drawer full of utensils.  Telling the other that no, he in fact may not have candy no matter how much he dresses up and insists it is Halloween.  And in the back of my mind, that laundry pile taunts me with horrible insults.

If I find time later, I will write a proper WIP day post.  If I survive that is.
And off I go... *plays epic superhero music in attempt to rally energy*

To all of you who get the chance: Happy Writing!

1 comment:

Trisha said...

Urrrgh, I am so not a domestic goddess. It's why I hire a cleaner. ;)


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