Wednesday, March 14, 2012

To Do KDP Select, or Not

I have been having a hard time making a decision.
So now... I come to you.

KDP Select
Have you heard of it?

If you an avid e-reader, or indie author, no doubt you have.  It is Kindle's newest platform.  Through KDP Select, ebooks are available in a lending library.  A fund is set each month, and depending on how many times your book is borrowed, you get a portion of that fund.  There are options to set your book to free for promotional periods, and Select helps to publicize your book more than before.

Sounds great!

I think the only downside is that if you choose to do KDP Select, you cannot e-publish your book anywhere but Kindle.

The only other location you can digitally get PN at the moment is Nook.  And to be honest, I make much more sales via Kindle than Nook any day.  It wouldn't affect me much in that way.  But I could lose some potential Nook readers.

So, should I do it?

As I said, I may lose potential Nook readers.  But at the same time, I could pick up many more Kindle readers in the process.  Decisions... decisions decisions decisions...

I am looking for your opinion.  Please... do share!

1 comment:

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

I think my big question would be does signing up for KDP Select mean that you can NEVER (or as long as you do KDP select) sell via nook? Or is it for a limited time? I'd say if its for a limited time, go for it, if it's long term, I'd be a little more leery. Also - does it affect the possibility of your book being loaned out in regular libraries via ereaders? I know I read a bunch of books via the ereader lending system in our public library. Granted that goes through amazon, but just something else to think about.

I can see it having big upsides for you - so maybe if you decide the negatives aren't too high - set yourself a trial period for it? For instance, if you sign up do it for say 6 months and then at the end look at your readership versus the readership in the prior 6 months and then decide if you are going to continue.


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