Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WIP Day - Beta Time and Bookstore Shoots

This has been one of those weeks of absolute gorgeous weather.  The kind where you cannot even imagine yourself hiding away on the computer.  You just want to be outside, absorbing the sunshine and breathing the fresh air.  I am so happy to see spring finally arriving! (Although the 80 degree day was a BIT too much for my liking!)

Even with the nice weather and all of its temptations, I am starting to feel that writing vibe again.  Yay!

This last week I put all of my focus on finishing the beta read of Keary Taylor's newest novel, What I Didn't Say.  Oh my goodness.  While at first I wasn't so sure (it is far from the genre I typically read), as soon as I let myself dive in I couldn't stop.  Keep your eyes out for this book!

I am hoping to be hosting a giveaway for a signed copy of it soon (I get to attend the launch party!  Yay!)  So again... keep your eyes out!  Well done, Keary.  VERY well done!

(If you missed it, you can watch the trailer for her book here)

Now that I have that done, I am moving forward.  My 30 Day Photography Challenge is almost over.  It has been fun, but exhausting!  ITB has been attacking my mind lately.  It wants attention.  I finally have been able to work some things out for it, and I cannot wait to polish that WIP up.

Oh!  And I just have to share: Fellow writing friend Jamie Manning's BLOOD BORN is now released!  I am super excited to get my hands on my own signed copy.  Check it out! *smiles*

That is about it for my weekly update.  I need to keep reminding myself that Pottermore isn't that important, Facebook will still be there in an hour, and my WIP needs my love.  Distractions... they are too tempting!

Just for fun:
About a month ago two of my closest friends came down for a weekend visit.  While here, we went to Powells with Vince James Photography and had some fun friends photos taken.  I just have to share a few!  (And boy does this make me even more excited to do the shoot of my sister-in-law we have planned!)

PN is an indie novel, but I still have dreams of seeing my works in a stone and mortar bookstore, someday.  I couldn't resist sneaking some shots of it with all of the other paper wonders.


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Keary Taylor said...

LOVE the bookstore photoshoot! How fun! And thanks for the WIDS plug!


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