Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WIP Day - I'm Back!

What a busy few weeks!

We just got back this last weekend from a two week long vacation.  Hence my virtual blogging silence.  While the trip was completely awesome (we didn't want it to end...) it is nice to be back.

Onto the updates!

My biggest problem lately has been learning how to balance writing and photography.  This time last year I was nearly done with editing PN.  Every second of my day not dedicated to mommyhood was given over to that book.  That was also before I completely dove head first into my photography.

I have loved doing photography forever.  Last year, for Mother's Day, my hubby bought me my DSLR.  After that... meet obsession.

Right now I am working on ways to balance everything.  Writing.  Editing writing.  Photo sessions.  Editing photo sessions.  Advertising for both.  Being mommy.  Reading.  Sleeping somewhere in there...

I know the best bet is to set a schedule.  And actually stick to it.  I have learned that the best way to stick to a goal is to make sure everyone knows all about it.  Then you get nothing but guilt and pressure do it.  With the occasional friendly encouragement.  Which is how I work.  If I keep it a total secret, then it is no secret I will slack.  Majorly.

So here it is.  A screen shot of my new schedule.  I will cross things out as they get done, then print a fresh one once this list is all scribbled away.  This is just a simple one.  Once I see it working, I will make a more in depth one.  Now just to find a good place to hang it...

As for my writing.
I miss it.  More than I can even say.  It honestly feels like a piece of me is gone right now, tucked away in those saved files that have been neglected.  I am so excited to finish ITB.  Not to mention plot for my unannounced NaNoWriMo 2012 Project.

Hmmm when should I announce it?...

On top of all of this: I am back.  Back to the blogging world.  I miss you all so much.  It has been a few solid months of occasional blogging.  No more.  I have a stack of books to review.  Thoughts to share.  Rambles to... ramble.  Miss me much?

My little family on vacation.  :)

How are you?  Getting much done?  Do share!


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