Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WIP Day - Chugging Along

Today is a beautiful day.

So beautiful, I finally broke the norm and took my kiddos to the park.  After a few hours of running, swinging, sliding and exploring I finally convinced them we could go home.  And nap.  By the time we got back to our apartment, my youngest was already conked out.  Yay for parks and their ability to wear you out!


I have spent the rest of today enjoying the sun with my kiddos on the back deck.  No doubt getting more new freckles than I want.  And waiting for tonight.

Why tonight?
Well, because I will be writing.  And it will be awesome.

Update time.

- Have you noticed my blog look?
A bit back I asked about blog names.  And was overwhelmed with pretty much the exact same answer from every person.  Thank you so much to everyone who gave me their two cents.  I really do appreciate it. I have decided to keep my blog named after me.  Because... well... this blog is me.

I am still craving some sort of change though.  So, instead of a naming overhaul, I have decided that my blog needs a face lift.  It may take a little time to get it to a place I love, so bear with me as things (aka the banner, side bars, overall look...) change.  It will get there!

- Did you catch my Monday Post?  About Prison Nation?
I know, I love being a stinker.  It is just too fun.  But I do promise that this coming Monday I will talk more about Book 2.  Until then, here is a hint: The title has to do with a character in PN.

- I posted this fun thing on my Tumblr.
Just something random.  But I couldn't resist.  Read it, pick a word, and ask me it in my 'Ask' box.  Go on you know you want to.  It is always fun to get to know someone just a smidge more.  Here is your chance.

That seems to be about it for my update post this week.  As soon as hubby gets home, I will be writing.  I can't wait.  This schedule of mine really helps to build my anticipation!  (Yay for schedules!)

How about you?  Will you be writing tonight?  Any awesome updates?  Do share!

Happy Writing!

1 comment:

Trisha said...

Oooh, PN sequel - can't wait to hear more :)

Hope you have a great writing session this eve!

As for me, yes, I will be writing tonight as well - I have only a few more days of June left in which to finish my BuNo novel...well, okay, finish 50k words of it anyway. I'm on schedule but the next few days will be really busy so I need to take advantage of tonight, my last free night of June!


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