Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WIP Day - Me and My Smart Phone

I got a smart phone.
That's right.  I have now officially joined the 21st century.

I have been sporting a simple slide-out-keyboard phone for some time now.  It called people.  And texted them.  Everything a phone should do.  Don't get me wrong, I loved it.  That is, until Apps happened.  And I saw all of my friends' cool Apps.  And got App-Envy.  Still, I didn't get a smart phone.  They aren't cheap, and I justified it saying that pretty much everything the phone can do I can do on my very own computer.  Which I am at (most of the time.)

Regardless, that App-Envy persisted.  

I saw Instagram and all the awesome little photos that flooded my Facebook newsfeed.  I thought about how cool it would be to be able to check my Twitter with a tap of the finger, wherever I am.  I wanted to slice that fruit faster than you.

my son's writing on the back deck. aw...
Then, a few weeks ago while I was taking my son on a tour of the little Preschool he will be attending this Fall (Ah!  School!), a little boy saw me with my simple phone.  He asked if I had any games.  When I told him: "No, this phone is just for calling and texting," he scrunched up his little face in pure confusion and asked: "Why?"

I went on the defensive.  Right then and there I decided I was going to get a cool phone and show that scrunchie face a thing or two.  I told the boy I was getting a new phone.  Soon.  So there!

Wow, way to make myself sound like a four-year-old.

Long story slightly shorter, I got my phone.  It is an Android.  And I love it.

The book currently taking over my mind
The funny thing is, somehow since I got this phone... I have been writing and editing more.  It's like I subconsciously want that excuse to take an Instagram pic of what I am doing, or quickly tweet from my touch screen goodie.  Then I get all excited that I am writing/editing.  So I keep going.  And update again.  I read a book.  And tell the world that I have been reading it.

I tell you.  From my phone.

Because, you know, it is easier to type it out on my phone and send it via touch screen then to type it out on my computer and hit send... the computer I am sitting at... as I use my phone...

Still, the point of this entire, long winded post is this: I have been working.

See?  I HAVE been editing!
I have now rewritten the first few chapters of ITB, converting it from past to present tense.  I am still wondering if it is the right move, but I am commited for the time being.  Only time will tell.  It has been awesome finally diving head first back in to this WIP.  I love it.  And can't wait to love it even more as I polish it to shining.

Tonight is an editing night.  
I am already itching to get going on it.  Bedtime for the kiddos cannot get here fast enough.  (I love you kiddos, mommy loves you.  But her imaginary worlds are calling to her, and she can't put them on hold for too long.)  If you find yourself on Twitter tonight and feel the urge to shoot me a "you better be editing" tweet, or remind me to #writeshove, please do.  I love being yelled at. (Um, yelled at to write that is.)

No doubt I will mention something about how my night is going, via Instragram and Twitter, on my Android Smart Phone.

Because, you know, I have one. *end nerdy bragging ramble right about... now*

How about you?  How is your WIP Day?
Happy Writing!


Trisha said...

I don't have app envy. I don't have a smart phone. I'm fine with it ;) But I can understand the temptation. ha.

Jenni Merritt said...

Trisha - I seriously intended to never get one. Now look at me...


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