Monday, July 23, 2012

Be Fearless

Stopping by today to remind you all: Be fearless!  If this is something you love.  Something you know you could never live without.  Something that makes you tick, makes you YOU...  Keep going.  Fight for it.

"Be fearless. Simply pursue your goals without giving consideration to the obstacles that will arise; focus only on moving over, around, or through them to get to what you want - everything else is resistance. And any consideration you give to obstacles as anything other than things to get past is setting - and accepting - limitations on yourself, and your potential, and your purpose. Don't do it. Be fearless. You are your purpose, and purpose is invincible." - James A. Owen (The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica)

I remember when I was in middle school.  I would go over to James' studio on the island and he would show me how to make up a simple comic strip.  I am definitely not that kind of artist (I draw... but nothing worth showing off.  Ever.)  And obviously I never went after continuing my little comic strips.  Still, James took the time to let me use an art table and some pencils and act like I knew what I was doing.  It made an impact.  

I may not draw.  But those days of doodling led me to other art forms.  It helped me stick to my writing obsession.  Gave me the nudge to explore photography.  And look at what I do now.

I go after what makes me tick.  The comics never survived, but the lesson that someone taking a moment and believing in your doodles sure did last.  Thanks James!

Are you being fearless today?


Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

You sound like a motivational speaker. Say hello to Tony Robbins for me.

Trisha said...

Yes, you are very motivational, Jenni! :D

DMS said...

I love this and think it is great advice. One of the lines in my book is- Fear Not the Unexpected. :) So true! We need to go out and go after our dreams.


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