Prison Nation Book Two - Title Reveal

I know.  I teased you.
Last week I shared that there will, in fact, be a sequel to Prison Nation.  Of course, I had to leave it at just that.  It is just how I am.  Teasing is fun.  But, as promised, I am back today to tell you more about what I have up my sleeve.


Here are a few answers to some most likely to be asked questions:
  • I will be writing Book Two for NaNoWriMo 2012.  It only makes sense.  Prison Nation was written and completed as my NaNovel 2010.  It is only fitting that I carry the tradition on with Book Two.
  • I am currently in the plotting stage.  While I am finishing up my current WIP, and busy with my photography filled summer, I am also planning what will be taking place in Book Two.  Oh, I have things in store.  Many things.  Such as characters I originally planned to be in Prison Nation who ended up not fitting in.  And trials that will test the love and friendship between characters.  And fighting.  More fighting.
  • No, I do not have a synopsis written.  Yet.  Once I get more of my plotting under way, I will get that thing written up for all of you to read.  
  • At this time I am not sure if it will simply be a sequel or book two of a trilogy.  That decision will be made as I am writing Book Two.  We will see where it takes me.

Now for something fun to share.

That's right, I have the title.  And am telling you it here, today.  I have made up a simple place holder cover just for the time being.  Nothing amazing, and this is not the actual cover.  But hey, I needed something.  So, without any further delay... The title of Prison Nation Book Two is:

I am all kinds of excited!  Announcing it makes it that much more real.  And awesome.  And scary.  But I can tell you I am biting at the bit to dive back into the world of Prison Nation and see what happens next.  Millie is waiting for me.  Lady Justice is waiting.  The adventure is about to continue.  Are you ready?


Paula said…
Oh my goodness. Thank you thank you thank you. I was left wondering what happened. I can't wait. The first book was so great. The whole idea behind it is fascinating. Sounded like it could be a reality. Keep up the good writing and I will keep reading.
Anonymous said…
I haven't had a chance to read the first book yet! In a way, it's probably good, because then I won't have to wait AS long for book 2!
This is so exciting!
Rose said…
I just finished Prison Nation and came looking for other books by you... Thank goodness you are going to write more about Millie!
Anonymous said…
Just finished PN & cant wait for the next one.
Lori said…
SWEET! Thank you! I can't wait for it because the first book left me wanting more, more, more...:)
Anonymous said…
Cannot wait to c what Millie and reed do next
Anonymous said…
Lady do us Justice, soon we hope!
Unknown said…
I love your books! I can't wait for Lady Justice!!!

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