Thursday, July 12, 2012

Terry Goodkind Attacks Pirates

I know pretty much all of us have at one time or another attained a pirated song/movie/book/donut.  I used to think nothing of it, declaring that it was ridiculous for us to constantly have to pay for something so simple as a two minute song.

Since self-publishing Prison Nation and diving head first into the writing (and photography) world, I find my view point has drastically changed.  I have found copies of Prison Nation on pirate sites.  And it ticks me off.  This is my baby.  Something I put my heart and soul and too much sweat into.  It is completely independent and the proceeds of it do not go to vacation homes or new cars.  They pay for groceries and my son's preschool.  How could someone ever think of pirating my book?

While I know I would never go to the lengths Mr. Goodkind did, I applaud his efforts.  This article was recently posted about how Terry Goodkind confronted a pirate about his newest (and indie) e-book, The First Confessor: The Legend of Magda Searus.

After openly calling the pirate out on Facebook, Goodkind went on to say:

"We feel we've accomplished what we set out to do here. We exposed someone that claimed to be a fan, a reader of books, had accessibility to the books, had every incentive to purchase and support them, but instead chose not only to disregard the work, the values within it, and our own personal pleas. In being transparent with everyone here about what it has taken to get this book delivered to readers and to enable this story to be told, piracy is an inevitable chapter of that tale still being written. [Josh] Press went to great lengths to make sure we heard his voice and saw his efforts, thus he has been introduced into the story here."

Yes, some things in life are free.  Many authors out there offer free promo periods of their novels.  Others keep their novels free, solely for the intent to share their art with the world.  But I feel it is important to support the artist.  Even if it is just a $2.99 e-book, that money you offer the artist is your way of saying "I appreciate what you did.  Thank you."  

Pirating is a sensitive, much argued issue in the internet world, and while I know some things are much easier to justify than others, I  feel that pirating a book is just plain rude.

I strongly encourage all of you readers out there: Don't pirate books.  Don't buy pirated copies.  Make a small difference, and support the art of the world.  Don't rip it off.

To read the full article about Terry Goodkind's Pirate attack, GO HERE.

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Trisha said...

I agree that it's wrong, I don't buy pirated copies of books - at the same time, I wait till a book is affordable to me, because the books here in Australia are ludicrously priced for no good reason.


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