Thursday, October 11, 2012

Indies in the Sound RECAP

The Indies in the Sound book signing event was awesome!  I have been trying to think of the best way to recap for you all, and finally decided that my usual ramble would suit it best.

I arrived at Orcas island with my hubby and two little guys the morning of the event.  We headed straight to the home of the lovely Keary Taylor, where I kidnapped her family and ran off to take their family photos.  What a blast!  After the photo snapping was done, I was able to hang out with Keary for a little while as our kiddos ran around like the little maniacs they are.  Talk about energy!

Finally, the time came.  Keary and I dolled ourselves up, then headed into town.
I will admit it: I was pretty nervous.

I grew up doing theatre.  I know how to talk in front of people, perform, make things up on the fly.  But this time it was different.  I was going to be talking about my book.  My book.  Needless to say, my stomach was doing enough flips to be an Olympic gold medalist.

Nikki Jefford and Rachael Wade arrived to Darvill's Bookstore just as we did.  Having the chance to meet other authors like myself, the ones who chose to go the Indie route of life, and see they are just as crazy as I am, was just what I needed.  We gabbed.  And laughed.  And I totally felt like I was home.

Bookstores.  They truly are home for us, aren't they?

Before the event was scheduled to start, we decided to duck outside and get some photos of the four of us taken.  I pretty much chucked my camera at Nikki's husband then sat down to smile with my Indie ladies.

The time had arrived.  Being as the event was on Orcas Island, it wasn't a huge turnout.  But it was still amazing to see the faces that did show up for us.  We each took turns reading from our novels.  Telling why we chose to go Indie.  Answered some Q&A and cracked some jokes.  An hour later, and it was over.  It felt like it had just started when we found ourselves saying our goodbyes, drawing the raffle winners, and signing copies.

Like I said: It was awesome.

The moment that literally brought some tears to my eyes?
Seeing copies of my book sitting on an actual store bookshelf.
Take my breath away.

Thank you to everyone who supported this event.  I am hoping we can find a way to make this a potential yearly outing.  The support and excitement from everyone who showed meant the world to me.  Thank you Indie ladies for putting on this event.  And thank you Darvill's for hosting the signing for us.  I couldn't have chosen a better way to spend that gorgeous Fall afternoon!

To see the entire folder of photos I got from the event, GO HERE.
Here is a little recap video that Rachael's hubby put together of the event.  I love it!

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