Wednesday, November 7, 2012

WIP Day - NaNoWriMo Week 1

Today is day seven of NaNoWriMo.
Really?  Honestly?  Since when?

Things are going well, on this writing end.  It was a slow start for me.  Day 1 and 2 I was really pushing for word count as I waited for the story to come to me.  Then the weekend hit, and I finally got that spark I was needing.  Though I might not be writing as fast as I have in other years, I am still happily ahead of the game and moving along.

Then came last night.
I knew what I wanted to write.  But a certain election kept stealing my attention.  I am far from a political person.  But I was still intrigued with how this would all turn out.  Not to mention I was playing a fun little game on Facebook, where every time you saw the word "vote" you would replaced it with the word "fart" in your mind.  Oh, those status updates were just hilarious!

Regardless of it all, I still managed some awesome word count.
Pretty much thanks to the sprints with my Portland region writers.  You all rock!

And, on top of it all, I am also hacking away at my photography backlog.  I managed to finish three sessions last week and am almost done with session number four.  Edit photos during the day, write at night.  I might be tired (okay, exhausted) but I am getting things done and feeling great about it!

So how is LJ doing you ask?  
I am getting more and more excited with where this book is headed.  I go into my stories with a rough idea of what I want.  But most scenes write themselves, and surprise me most times.  I have some great new characters, new twists, new problems.  Millie is learning more about who she is, how strong she has to be, and where she really wants to be in life.  And I am growing right along side her.

I am trying to decide if I want to post any sort of character profile, snippets, or teasers.  What do you think?

As of last night:
Total Word Count: 15,190

Do ignore the fact that nothing is written today. That will change tonight!

Now, time to finish this photo session.  Then tonight... I write!

Are you writing?  How is it going?  Do share!

Happy Writing!


Ellie Garratt said...

Well done on your awesome vote count! I'm on 14472. I didn't write on Tuesday. Not because of the election - my head hurt and my heart wasn't in if. Got back into it today, though.

As for teasers, every two days I'm posting my two favourite sentences from the last two NaNoWriMo days on Facebook. Maybe you could do something similar?

Ellie Garratt said...

I meant word count. Freudian slip! Hehe. Just realised that means I'm on 14472 farts.


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