Wednesday, January 16, 2013

WIP Day - My Newest Writing Fuel

I think I have found one of my ultimate editing fuels:
Italian Sodas

Let me explain.
A few years back, my hubby and I went through an Italian soda craze.  We went to the local Cash 'n Carry and stocked up on flavors and became pros at making those yummy drinks.  Then we moved apartments.  For some reason, after settling into our new place, we packed the syrups  into the back of a cupboard, hidden behind lids and plastic containers, and forgot about them.

Until this week.
While cleaning, I remembered the hidden syrups.  I pulled them out, fully intent on just tossing them out.  I have been big lately on dejunking, and was pretty excited to add something else to the stack of "this will go."

A friend who is visiting saw the syrups and stopped me.  After looking up info online (and yes, after subjecting each other to taste test as well) we found the syrups were still very much yummy.  So, when I was out and about to mail packages and pick up kiddos, I swung into the store for club soda and half & half.

Oh.  My.  Goodness.  Never let me pack those syrups away again.

My night: Italian soda, editing, then a reading reward
I made a raspberry one.  Then a peach one.  Once I got to that final drop of drink number two, I realized something.  I had also edited (remember, doing the initial read-thru at the moment) about 8 chapters, and found myself only 5 chapters away from finishing this round.  Keep in mind: Earlier this week I slacked major time and pretty much got no work done.  Nada.  It was bad.

I owe the progress all to the fizzy goodness.

(And might I add: I have been working hard on weening caffeine out of my must-have diet.  Suffering from the headaches has sucked, but I am looking at the long run.  I want soda to be a treat, not a life source.  So finding other treats that I equally love but that don't send me into caffeine overload mode is a major plus.)

So there you have it.  At this moment, I am sitting with a Pineapple Coconut Italian Soda in front of me.  My notes are out, and once this post is done I plan to finish the read through of LJ.  *sips drink and smiles*

What's next you ask?
After this read-thru, I begin the tear down.  I will go through each chapter and really get into it.  My thoughts are here scribbled.  My notecards are ready to be taped to the wall.  It will happen.  It is happening.

*sips drink again*

How about you?  Is your week going well?  Do share!

Happy Writing!

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