Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WIP Day - Round Two Begins

Ding ding ding!
Round One: DONE!

That's right.  This last week I got my bum in gear and finished round one of LJ's edit.  Then I sat back, took a deep breath, and dove into Round Two.  No breaks for me.

I have had some questions on how I am going about editing this thing.  Like I have told some of you, every author approaches editing their MS in a different way.  My own editing style is still evolving and changing with every book.  Still, I thought it would be fun to let you know about the rounds I have done so far, in this crazy thing I call book editing.

Round One:  The Read-Thru
I  let my MS sit for at least a month.  I have tried to not think about it (too much) and have eaten lots and lots of chocolate.  This round then consists of reading through the entire story.  I don't edit (unless I see something that just bugs me so much that I cannot handle it.)  Instead, I take notes of each chapter.  I write down what happens, thoughts to remember, moments to change.  Everything gets written down, with good old pen and paper.

Round Two:  The Tear-Down
I start this round with something I love doing.  Remember those notes I took?  Well, I gather my index cards, and chapter by chapter I write out the scenes that take place.  Then I clear a space on my wall, and cover it with my book.  Being able to see my book spread out before me is amazing.  I can see the flow of the chapters, the balance (or unbalance), and it helps me as I progress further into editing.  Not to mention it is just so dang pretty.

After that, I eat more chocolate and force my bum in the chair.  This is the long round.  In this round, I go chapter by chapter and tear it apart.  I rewrite sections, add and subtract, bang my head on the desk and eat more chocolate.  This is where I really start to create the story.  And no doubt this may take the longest out of all the rounds.

That is where I am at right now.  
My notes are scribbled.  My wall is covered.  And LJ is waiting to be hacked away at.  I am excited.  And nervous.  And already exhausted.  But it is happening!  My goal is to be finished with this round by the end of February.  Sooner maybe, if I can keep my bum in gear.

And once I get it done, I will get to tell you about one of my favorite rounds.  Round Three.  Oh man.

See?  Isn't it just too pretty?

Are you editing?  Just writing?  Do share!

Happy Writing!


Trisha said...

I love seeing other people's revision processes. Mine is just so different. Basically I revise on the screen, and then print out & revise on paper. So boringly simple!

Congrats on your editing progress!

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