Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WIP Day - Mommy Writer Venting

 Another writing week has come and gone.

My WIP update for this week isn't all that exciting.  Yes, I edited.  Not nearly as much as I had planned, but being a stay-at-home mommy does like to compete with this writing world of mine.  Whenever I sit down and open LJ, something always happens.

Kiddo number one wants to cuddle. (Which is rare from him.  I just can't deny it when it happens.)  Kiddo number two needs to go potty.  Or just went potty... in his pants.  (We are potty training the little man right now, meaning I am constantly running to the bathroom... or dragging him to the bathroom.)  My kids are morning people, meaning they are up and full of never-ending energy at FIVE every morning.  And that energy never leaves.  It just grows and grows and grows.  As for me?  I am a night owl.  Meaning mornings are my worse nemesis.  I am always tired, and always working with this mommy gig I love.

I need to find a better pattern for my life.  Some way to balance being mommy and being author.  I have to admit: I have had days where I wonder if going after this writing dream of mine is the wrong thing to do.  If I am being selfish or naive, thinking I can do it all.  It would be easier to quit.  To put this aside for ten more years, fifteen more years, until the kiddos are grown up and out of this home.

Then I shake my head.  Am sometimes smacked by friends who hear these thoughts.  Am hugged by my honey.  And I remember: I can do this.  It is hard.  But nothing worth doing ever came without challenge.

Besides: Who needs to sleep anyway?

At this current time, I am about a third of the way through this edit round.  I have already added in one chapter.  Am currently working on adding in a whole other new chapter.  Have things planned to tweak, add, and cut. And am constantly reminding myself every day that this is worth it.  Because it is the core of who I am.  I am a mommy.  And I am an author.  I am never quitting.

- Now, for some eye candy:  Go look at these yummy male celebs reading books.

How has your week been?  Do share!

Happy Writing


Aurora Smith said...

You're still doing things! Thats good!

Trisha F said...

You can sleep when you're...well, let's not talk about that, but it's what they say :)

And it's true, you're still getting writing done!

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