Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WIP Day - Short And To The Point

Has it really been a week since my last post?
My bad.

This is what happens when... well... life happens.
Everything has just been crazy lately.  Some good, some bad, all just a part of being a big kid now.  (Okay, I have been potty training my youngest, and being a big kid now is one of the sure fire things that has been helping us succeed.  Mostly.)  Not to mention more craziness in my personal life than I can handle.  Sleep sounds nice.

This post will be short and to the point.

As far as the bookish part of my life goes:

- Lady Justice: Editing away!  I actually made some progress this week (Thank you Keary for egging me on!)  I am still aiming for finishing this round of edits by the end of this month and getting LJ off to my beta readers.  At the moment, it will be a push.  But I can do it! (I think...)

I have been thinking of posting a teaser snippet.  What do you think?

- Blogging: I am signed up to be part of a few different tours for some talented authors over the next few months.  I hope you are all excited to hear more about these new books that are coming out this year!  I am excited to be part of these tours and hops.  I have to admit: I sure do love the blogging world!

- On that note: I just realized that I totally missed my blogoversary this year!  Can you believe I have been keeping this blog for four years now?  CRAZY!

- Oh yeah, and don't forget: Keary Taylor's newest bookish treasure, The Bane, is going to be released soon.  Did you see my post about it last week?  Make sure to get your copy.  I can't wait to add it to my Keary shelf!  (Yes, she has her own special section in my personal library.)  (And look!  Get your signed bookmarks from Keary while you can!)

Now then, off I go to finish this episode of Ugly Betty.  Eat some food.  And get back to editing!

How is your week going?  Do share!

Happy Writing!


Aurora Smith said...


Trisha F said...

Sounds like you definitely need a good rest! :) I would love to read a teaser!

And as for what I'm up to, well I've had this week off work so that's fun. And I'm looking around for a house to buy! Exciting!!


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