Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WIP Day - Writing Shouldn't Be Lonely

Hello again, Wednesday!

I hope all of you have had an amazing week.  Mine has been the usual roller coaster of ups and downs.  Just the usual of mommy-hood   Authorship.  Photo land and the lost me time.  Regardless, I am still intact!

I must say:  I love it when I am able to meet up with other writers online, and cheer each other on.  Being as we are a one car family, I am never able to find and make it to actual writing groups in the area.  Luckily though, the internet is here!  Whether it is with my amazing #writeshove buddies on Twitter, random shout-outs on my Facebook, or through messenger with the awesome Keary Taylor or other friends, my wide-spread writing group does exist.  If any of you out there find yourselves struggling with motivation, confidence, or just pure laziness: I really do recommend finding at least one crutch.  One person who you know will yell at you to keep going, check in on you when you are going, and tell you that you are amazing even when you feel far from it.

Writing doesn't have to be lonely.

Last night I met up with Keary for one of our writing nights.  In case you ever wondered what those are like, this is how our nights tend to run:

  • Sign online.  Say hello.  Share how we are doing, how our day was, how our kids drove us crazy.  Vent about chores.  Bills.  Movies we want to see.  Finally devolve into talking about our WIPS.  Maybe share a snippet.  Veer off course.  Come back, and brainstorm a bit more.
  • After said rambling is done, we finally get to work.  We pick a time, agree to check in then, and stop talking to each other.  Knowing someone else is working along side you, even if they are in a different state, is amazing.  It sure keeps your bum in that chair.
  • Once we reach the agreed on time, we stop.  Take a break.  Share how we did.  Brainstorm if needed.  Ramble about chocolate and kids.  Breathe.
  • Then we pick a new time.  Say "get to work!" and back we go. 

Sometimes we are only able to meet up for an hour.  Sometimes more.  But every time, we get work done.  We get to visit.  And we get to remember that we aren't the only crazy writer mama out there.  I love it.

I always let everyone on Twitter know when I am working away.  If you are ever on, and ever wanting to push each other around, let me know!

- So how is LJ doing?  Pretty good!  I am getting so close to finishing this round of edits I can taste it.  It tastes like Whoppers.  (Maybe because that has been my go-to editing munchie lately...)  I am still aiming to finish this round by the end of the month.  Which just so happens to be tomorrow.  I have allowed myself up until this weekend though, being as this is a short month.  So, here I am, bum in chair, chugging away.

Sometime this next week I will post a little teaser snippet.  Keep your eyes out!

How has your week been?  Edit or write much? Eat any good chocolate?  Do share!

Happy Writing!


Keary Taylor said...

Haha, love this post. Go crazy writer mama's!

Trisha F said...

Look forward to reading the snippet!

I'm going relatively slow. I have a lot of projects on at once and so I'm spreading the love, so to speak. Also gearing up to buy my first house (well, more than likely a 1-bedroom unit, but still...) so that's on my mind a whole heap.

I love hanging out (even online) with other writers.


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