Monday, April 29, 2013

Tour Stop: Mother Matters REVIEW

Motherhood Matters: Joyful Reminders of the Divinity, Reality, and Rewards of Motherhood
By Connie E. Sokol

Motherhood Matters Motherhood is a divine calling---but it may not always feel that way. Now you can show the women in your life how much they matter to you, with this delightful and heartwarming volume of wit and wisdom about the divinity, reality, and rewards of motherhood. Fresher than flowers and sweeter than chocolate, it's a perfect gift for the women who give so much. In these hectic days where life's demands can quickly become a heavy burden, Motherhood Matters helps you find more memorable moments and take the stress out of the to-do lists. Written with clarity, concision, and wit, this short, yet indispensable handbook is better than flowers, more guilt-free than chocolate, and gives back to the woman who sacrifices so much of herself every single day.  

Why I Picked This Book: When I was given the chance to be part of this blog tour, I couldn't resist.  A simple book reminding me why motherhood matters?  Just what I needed! (I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my fair and honest review.  I was not financially compensated in any way.)

My Thoughts:
Short, sweet and to the point.  Just like this book.  Motherhood Matters is a quick read, full of thoughts and lessons that all mothers should remember.  It is full of quotes from LDS leaders, Conference talks, and scriptures.  For those of you not religious, this may not be the book for you.  But me?  It was just right.  

I am LDS, so many of the talks and stories shared in Motherhood Matters were familiar to me.  At the end of each chapter (which were all short) I felt refreshed.  It is easy to be disgruntled as a mom.  Exhausted.  Wondering if you are doing this right and wishing sometimes that it was different.  This book is a simple reminder that the job of a mother is a divine calling.  There are many chapters I plan on reading time and again, especially on those days that I am beyond frazzled.

The only reason for the slightly lower rating is that most of the writing felt like it was mere recap of talks and scriptures.  While the author does weave in some of her own thoughts and stories, I felt like many of the chapters were a bit rushed and lacking.  Just as I was feeling the "Yes, this chapter is speaking to me" feeling, it would end.  I would have liked to see more writing between the quotes.  But honestly?  Even with that, I loved this book.  

I plan to snag a hard copy of it, to have on my bedside table at all times.  If you are looking for that little mommy spiritual and emotional pick-me-up, this is a great quick read to add to your pile.

My Rating:
(4 out of 5 stars)

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