Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Lady Justice Update... Finally

I figure it is about time to update all my lovely readers on how LJ is going.  Ready?

  • That paper edit is rolling along.

Life keeps getting in the way, and keeps pausing this edit round.  But I have been making headway on it!  Many pages are nice and red with my scribbled notes.  The beginning needs an overhaul.  Some moments are just too perfect to touch.  And I am finally seeing this for what it is: The sequel to my debut novel.

I will be honest.  Part of me dragging my feet so long on this book is is a daunting task.  I love Millie.  And Reed.  And the world I created for them.  Continuing it onward, throwing things in their path and hoping it all will indeed work out in the end, it is scary.  PN is my first every published novel.  It was my debut.  Now, I have to go on.  And on.  And even though I grow with every word I write, I am still that nervous little lady afraid to let these words out into the world.

But they will be let out!

  • So when will this paper edit be over?

That is such a good question.  I wanted to be done with it some time ago.  But I am far from the best juggler on Earth, and I have too many things up in the air.  My kiddo starting school.  Two weddings I photographed and need to edit.  Friends visiting.  Sleeping.  I guess I can cut down on my sleep.  I do honestly need to set an end date for this paper edit.  Otherwise I will never move forward.  So, with all my other life activities in mind, I am aiming for September 21.  I know that is a ways off... but I have to balance.

It will happen.

  • When will you get to see the cover?

Soon!  Very very soon!  Again, I keep dragging my feet.  But I think it is gorgeous, and I need to just get it out there for all you to see.  I will reveal the LJ cover Friday, September 6.  Keep your eyes out!

  • Will this be a trilogy?

I have been asked that.  And I will finally answer it.  The answer is: No.  Prison Nation and Lady Justice will be it.  I know trilogies are the best, and I love trilogies.  But unless something changes in the future, this set will be a duology and nothing more.  I adore Millie and everything she has taught me.  Her story feels complete, to me.  And once I hit the publish button on LJ, I will move on to other worlds and characters, knowing Millie is good to go in her own duology.

  • And the biggest question: When will LJ publish?

That I cannot fully answer still.  I am still strongly aiming for a release in 2013.  Once any other updates happen, I will for sure hurry over here to post away.

I hate how much I have had to push this book back.  How wishy-washy I have seemed with it.  But I have been making adjustments in my life, and things will change.  I love to write.  I need to write.  And I hope to never have such a long drought of no words again.  Just you wait.

I really do want to thank all you amazing readers.  Your nonstop questions about the state of LJ are the main things that kept this fire under my bum.  I want to get this out there, for you.  And your patience as I keep pushing dates around, falling off the radar, then scrambling to get back to where I should be means the world.  I have the best readers ever!

That is it, for now.  Make sure to come back for that cover reveal in a week.  And as always...

Happy Writing!

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