Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I meant to post yesterday.  It was my best intention to.  But it was a busy day, for good reason.  
Yesterday was our 8 year wedding anniversary.  I spent the day taking care of the kiddos, running errands (which included helping my kiddos enter art into the county fair for the first time!), cleaning home, then prepping for a date night with my hubby.

8 years.  Wow.

It can be amazing how fast time flies.  It feels like only yesterday I was falling in love with a spiky haired, crazy young man who managed to always make me smile.  Now time has flown.  We have two amazing kiddos.  We have moved around.  We have struggled.  We have watched each other succeed.  And 8 years later, here we are.  I couldn't imagine being anywhere else.

Happy Anniversary, my love.  (Posted a day late, but every day counts!)

On the note of time flying:
Have you ever noticed the speeding of time?  

How one minute your kiddo is a new born baby, and the next he is starting school.
How you sit down to read just for a minute and hours later you finally look up from the pages.
How you intend to just check the internet only to find you have burned your entire evening away.

Time is one of those fleeting things that we are always trying to control, yet can never even get close enough to touch.  Just when you think you have a slight grip on time, it speeds away.  We can't control it.  We can't be its master.  But we can for sure enjoy the ride.

And boy, is it worth it.

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