Thursday, August 8, 2013

Forgetful Me and Bookish Hints

I did it again.  Missed a post.  
I swear this isn't going to become the new "thing."

Yesterday was a crazy busy day for me.  A good one.  But still a busy one.  It was the final day of the Summer Reading Program for my kiddos, and we went to watch Roberto the Magnificent juggle and perform for us.  Then it was on to eating cupcakes.  After that, we went to the park for a few hours.  (Yes... hours...) then back home in time to make dinner.  As I was laying on the couch relaxing, ready for the day to wind down and bedtime to come, I realized I had fifteen minutes to get to my church for Mutual.  I was recently called as the 2nd Counselor for the Young Women, and every week we do Mutual (Youth Group) for the teens.  My bad... away I hurried.  Then after THAT, I stopped by my Dad's to day hi... and managed to leave there about 2 hours later.  Needless to say, by the time I came home I was more than ready for bed.  And I conked.


It is amazing how busy a day can get, without you even planning for it to go that way.  I had intentions for the day.  I was going to fold my still waiting laundry.  I was going to work on the last photo session I have in my backlog (that is, until new ones come along...)  I was going to start reading a new book.  I was going to do many things.  But instead, I got to watch my kids laugh and run around and discover.  I think that was a very good game change.

Still, I learned something.  Don't let the busy get you down.  It is pretty easy that, when life does get crazy, for you to go a little crazy too.  Things aren't getting done.  Kids are running amok.  There are a million things to juggle and only one of you.  But there is always that moment of calm, that moment that let's you know: It is all good.  Your other projects can be done tomorrow.  It is all good.

Enjoy the crazy.  It could be gone before you know it.

On a total, unrelated note:  I was scrolling through Facebook, as I tend to always be doing.  A friend of mine posted a funny little picture quote.  It made me laugh.  It made me conspire.  It made me think about my coming NaNoWriMo 2013 project.  And boy did it make me bite at the bit.

I know all of you are still waiting for that update on LJ.  But for now, I am going to tease you with this picture quote, and this slight hint at my coming project.  Enjoy!

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Trisha F said...

Ohhhh, NaNo sounds like it'll be fun for you this year :) Not that it isn't every year!


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