Sunday, August 11, 2013

Happy Birthday To The Hubby

Just stopping by real quick to say hello, reassure you all that I do still exist, and of course to wish a very very very very happy birthday to my best friend, the daddy of my kiddos, my dear hubby.  

Happy Birthday to YOU, hubby dear!

Last night we had a group of friends over for a game night.  We ate lots of food.  We laughed until our abs felt as if we had zapped with them with a zillion lightning bolts, and we gamed.  Oh, we gamed.  I love card and board games.  And more than that, I love great company.  We were celebrating my hubby's soon to be birthday.  But honestly, it was just the initial excuse to start a weekly game night of awesomeness.

As we were battling our way through Munchkin, my friends kept teasing me.  I hadn't realized it, but I kept muttering about how this would be an awesome story line.  How that would be a great moment, a funny twist, an epic battle.  They declared that I don't have an off switch for my creating.  And I have to agree.

I love creating too much.

Now today is nearly done.  My hubby has been stuffed with brownies.  We have battled each other on the Wii.  We have laughed, we have gamed.  He is a year older, more handsome and amazing than ever (and yes, I love to gush about this man of mine.)  So wish him a happy birthday.  He deserves it.

Now, time for me to giggle more at my Munchkin story lines before hitting the sack.
What a day!

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