Friday, August 9, 2013

Letting It Begin (A Lady Justice Update!)

“While writing is like a joyful release, editing is a prison where the bars are my former intentions and the abusive warden my own neuroticism.”  ― Tiffany Madison

I have been using a ton of things in my life as an excuse lately.  (My photo backlog.  The fact that we moved, then moved again.  The fact that my computer is dying.  My kids wanting summer fun.  Netflix...)  It was getting to the point that I was wondering if I would ever write again.  Would I ever allow the excuses to take a break so I could finish LJ?  So I could finally work on editing one of my other waiting manuscripts?  So I can just...write?

Amazing how excuses end up making your decisions.
But I have finally had enough of it.

LJ is already behind schedule.  I had hoped to have it out for all you waiting readers at the beginning of this summer.  Then we decided to move.  Things got bumped back.  And bumped again, and again.  I can honestly say that at this time, I don't have a set release date.  I am still aiming for 2013.  It can happen.  It WILL happen.  But first, I have to finish it.

And to finish it, I have to let it begin.
Go away excuses.  I am done with you.

Last night I met up with my awesome writing buddy Keary Taylor, via Skype, and we did an editing night.  She is currently working on editing The Eve, book three in The Eden Trilogy.  (Oh my, and can I say how excited I am for it to be done??)  As for me, I finally cracked open my LJ (Lady Justice, the sequel to Prison Nation) paper edit, blew the metaphorically dust off the pages, and dug right in.

That's right.  I am back to work on LJ.
*cheers to self*

My thoughts so far?  It still needs work.  Lots of it.  But that is the point of editing.  I read through about 20 pages of the book last night, and am aiming to work on it every night from now on.  Even if it is just one chapter.  I am not letting the excuses rule me anymore.  There is something here that I want to share with the world, something that holds promise and that people want.  And it will never get into all of your waiting hands if I keep finding reasons to stay away.

Honestly, why would I want to stay away?  I love this world too much.
(And by the way, I just love the quote I found for today's post.  How appropriate is that?  *wink*)

My coming goals:
* Finish this paper edit in a week.  It is possible.  I can do it.

My challenge to you:
* Find something you have been making excuses for, and let it begin.  The only way to move forward is to move forward.  You can do it.

The red has begun...

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Kami Dodson-Perry said...

Trying to be patient while waiting for this next installment. I loved Prison Nation and am excited to see what happens next. :-)


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