Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Making Mistakes

I woke up this morning and the first thing that hit me was: I didn't write a post yesterday.
Now, I could beat myself up about it.  I could overly apologize, write two posts to make up for my missing one, I could let it get me down and landslide me into not posting today.  Or tomorrow.  Or the rest of the month.  I could do a lot of things.

Want to know what I am doing?
I am writing today's post.

It really got me thinking about mistakes.  We makes mistakes every day.  As part of the human species, it is inevitable that we will indeed screw up.  And it is easy to do.  The hard thing?  Coming back from that mistake.  Too often we let one hiccup in our life, in our day, disrupt everything else coming our way.  I openly admit I am a huge culprit of that.

I didn't turn in my homework and got a fail.  I might as well not turn it in next time either.
I didn't wash the dishes before I went to bed.  I might as well let them sit tomorrow too.
I didn't call my friend back.  I might as well wait until they call me again.
I said something mean that really hurt someone.  I might as well avoid that person until it blows over.
I surfed Facebook instead of editing my book.  I might as well surf some more.
I didn't write my blog post for the day.  I might as well stop all together.

So so many things.

But is this really what our lives are meant to boil down to?  Making mistakes, and letting that mistake rule our next mistake?  It is a vicious circle.  And it can be very, very hard to break free from.  But it is possible.  It is always possible to rise above anything that has happened.  Anything.  To make the best of a situation, and move forward instead of spinning aimlessly.  

We are all meant for greatness.  It is a fact.
So let's move forward and achieve it.

How am I doing it today?
I am catching up on laundry even though I was supposed to do it yesterday.  I am texting back my friend even though I didn't yesterday.  I am smiling more.  I am moving more.  I am writing a post... even though I missed doing it yesterday.  

Don't let your mistakes make your decisions.  Let your mistakes drive your decisions.

And... go.

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Trisha F said...

Great post, Jenni - I have been faced with a similar thing in the last year or so. Each year I set myself creative or other "life" goals, and last year I messed one up. I decided to just carry on though I had missed a month, and just get on with the next month's challenge. And I think I am going to continue this trend of cutting myself some slack.


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