Saturday, October 5, 2013

Wordstock Weekend: Day 2

Hello all!
Day Two of my Wordstock adventure is over.  Literally.  It is nearly midnight here.  Why I am still up. I do not know.  Yet here I am.  Blogging away.

This won't be a long post, mostly do to the fact that I am indeed tired and VERY full of good food.  (If you have never been to Marrakesh, go.  Now.  I mean it.  What can be better that five courses of yummy food, sitting on pillows, eating with your fingers, and a belly dancer?  Exactly.)  Forgive me now of any future typos.

Today was the official start of the Wordstock Book Festival.  Oh, I love this place.  It mostly consists of a huge huge room filled with booths, all sporting info about editors, smaller printing presses, local writing groups, book sales, etc.  Then, on three huge stages in the room, and another collection of smaller rooms with smaller stages, you find authors.  Tons of authors.  Authors doing panels and readings and Q&As and handfuls of other awesome things.  It is a dream.

Maybe one of the funniest panels I have seen.  Ever.

Keary had her panel and reading today.  It was pretty awesome seeing her be all authorly and pro looking.  Go Keary!  I took lots of pics of her on my camera and will no doubt show them off at some point in the future.  If you didn't get the chance to see her today, sadness.  We will still be wandering tomorrow and you should definitely run into us.

The rest of the day consisted of listening to other panels, eating food, and wandering.  We found a booth selling books for $.75 each.  I of course snagged a stack.  Luckily, we had thought ahead and brought along a rolling suitcase for our finds and the books we had planned to have signed.  By the end of the day, the suitcase was quite packed.  It was a beautiful site.  

One of my favorite things today?  Listening to Gayle Forman as she sang some of "Jenny From the Block" to me.  Epic.  Okay, that and watching Dan Krokos draw a picture of Keary and himself in her copy of his book.  (He wrote a WoW reference in mine.)

Our amazing suitcase of books

After watching the last panel of the night, we zoned out in our hotel room for a bit.  Man, the book world can be exhausting!  Then I insisted we just had to go to Marrakesh.  Keary and her sister-in-law had never been, and I just had to show them what they were missing out on.  As I previously stated: It is amazing.

And I am full. Very, very full.

A very attractive photo of yours truly

Last but most definitely not least:
Keary and I have given each other a fun challenge.  We have dared each other to hide our bookmarks in random places for the rest of the weekend.  Her sister-in-law is documenting each stash, and boy, it is fun.  If you want to keep track of our ninja adventures, follow the Twitter hashtag #authoerninjas, check out my Tumblr, or look below now for my personal stashes of the evening.  Got a suggestion?  Let me know!  Oh...we do have fun.

That is it for now!  More tomorrow... hopefully before midnight strikes.  Bed is calling.  Now.

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Trisha F said...

Enjoy Wordstock! Rock that stock! hehe


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