Friday, November 1, 2013


Guess what!
It's November 1st.

This can mean only one thing.  9 little letters.  30 days of typing frenzy.  50,000 words goal.
That's right.  IT'S NANOWRIMO!

I haven't written a word yet today.  But that will change shortly.  Once I drop my oldest off at school, tuck my youngest in for a needed nap, and gather some munchie-type supplies, the words will begin.  It has been too long since I got to just sit and create.  Boy, am I excited!  

My plans?  No idea.  I have my story idea.  A few thoughts for the plot.   But I am pantser, and this story will be just like all my others: Written by the seam of my pants.  Someday I should seriously consider this plotting thing we are taught about since Kindergarten.  But not now.  I just want to create.  And create, I shall!  NaNoWriMo, here I come.

I am writing.  Are you?


H. J. Stephens said...

Yay for Nano! I haven't written much yet, I'm a little behind but I plan to rectify that this afternoon. Bring on the words!
I'm a panster too, but I actually like it like that. You never know what the next day's writing session will bring. :)

Amanda said...

I was really nervous about not having an outline, since this is my first NaNo. Already 5k in, and loving it. It's just flowing. Thank you for introducing me to this Jenni! I'm so excited.


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