Prison Nation Anniversary

Can you believe it?
One year ago today, Prison Nation was released to the world to read.  I have been a published author for one year.  And boy has it been an amazing year!

The support, fans, love and just pure awesomeness I have found surrounding me and my creation has been mind-blowing.  I do not doubt it: This is what I want to do for the rest of my life.  Create worlds, and share them with all of you to dive into.

A few Prison Nation facts from Year One:

- Prison Nation is currently holding an average rating of 3.7 stars on Goodreads, and 4.1 stars on Amazon.

- During Promo periods, I watched at Prison Nation climbed its way into the top 10 Kindle Books.

- Around 56,564 readers have a copy of Prison Nation on their digital devices, all over the world.

Where would I be without all my readers?  Without my friends and family who support me day in and day out?  Without NaNoWriMo that gave me that push I finally needed to get this book written?  Where would I be without my make-believe worlds?

I can tell you now:  I would still be a "someday" author.  And I like where I am better.

Since writing Prison Nation (my debut novel), I have written two other WIPS that are waiting their turn to be edited.  And this year I wrote the sequel to Prison Nation.  Lady Justice will be released Summer of 2013.  I was part of an amazing book signing event.  I watched my Facebook page grow in fans.  Then, when I was ready to shed the "aspiring" title, I created a new Facebook page and have watched that slowly grow.  I have received messages and emails that have plastered a permanent smile on my face.  I have grown.  And learned.  And grown some more.

So much writing.  So much adventure and discovery.  This is so me.

So, thank you.  
For all the support and love.  You have made my dream a reality.  I cannot wait to see where I go next.  And I hope you come along for the ride.

To celebrate:
Starting tomorrow (12/2), and going for three days, Prison Nation will be available for FREE on Kindle!  If you haven't snagged your copy yet, here is your chance.  And if you already have that copy, spread the word!

Then next week: 
I will open a giveaway to win a SIGNED paperback copy of Prison Nation.  (Sorry to all my great international fans.  This one will only be for US)  Make sure to check back soon and enter for a chance to win, and celebrate with me.

Happy Writing!


Kim Moccia said…
I cannot wait until the second installment comes out.
So proud of you :) You are one of my inspirations :) I'm looking forward to Lady Justice!
Trisha said…
That is so awesome about your 50k + readers!!! Well done you! :) You are definitely an inspiration for other people who want to go the self-published route and need to actually ... do it! Me being one such person ;)

I have NO idea what the captcha I'm looking at right now says, but I'll give it a wild guess and hope my comment posts. haha. Sometimes I think that even if you get it totally wrong, they still accept it. Other times you can try 5 times and still not be able to post a comment!

ok, 2nd try and I think i will get it right this time! this is what a dedicated commenter looks like :P
Katy B said…
Thanks so much for the freebie on Kindle. And hats off to you as an indie author -- I think we rock! Keep up the good work!
just me said…
I am learning to be a writer too. I like your story a lot. I was going to tell you to look at the Digital Ink book. It is free too and it tells a lot about writing. I also have Stephen King On Writing but it costs.
Thank you very much.
Billsea said…
Just finished "Prison Nation" what a great book!

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