Welcome 2013!

Hello blogging world!

I know it has been a long, dry spell of "where did the posts go?"  Life has been insane for me.  My photography took off in 2012.  Which is an awesome thing.  With over 30 sessions, including three weddings and a month long personal challenge, my days were filled with photo snapping and mass editing.

Sadly, this meant that my writing took a huge hit.  (AKA it pretty much didn't happen.)  The biggest hit: This blog.  By halfway through 2012 my blog posts were happening slim to never, and my attempted book edit for ITB died.  Though I did manage to participate and win NaNoWriMo yet again, that was the highlight of my writing year.

Although I do have to add:
Prison Nation did amazing!  After I did my first free promo weekend in the spring of 2012, sales picked up and readers rolled in. The overwhelming support, love, and amazing reviews lifted me daily and helped remind me why I love what I do.  (I will make another more in-depth post on this later this month.)

While I am far from quitting my photography, I hate how much my writing got pushed to the back burner.  This just will not do.  And so, with 2013... things are changing back to how they should be!

Goal 1:  Edit!  My aim is to have LJ published by the end of the summer.  If all goes right, that is a very attainable goal.  I have already started the first edit round and I am so excited to get this done!
Goal 2:  Read!  Oh my, how I missed reading.  I have stacks upon stacks on my TBR shelves, and this year, I will hack away at that.  
Goal 3:  Blog!  Remember that three-day-a-week post schedule I used to be on?  Well, I am getting back on it.  WIP Updates, book reviews, giveaways, random thoughts and tips... It is all coming back.  Oh yes.

I am so excited for 2013.  I have the feeling it will be an awesome year.  Great things are in store, and we have the entire year ahead of us to see what happens.

Happy New Year to every single one of you.  May your goals be met, your resolutions remembered, and the pages of your stories filled.

Happy Writing!


Trisha said…
May you have an awesome 2013!! Sounds like you have the right attitude and level of motivation to make it happen :)
Shane said…
I think you are most happy when you surround yourself in the written word. I love you!

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