Monday, July 25, 2016

LADY JUSTICE: The Long-Awaited Update

What's that?  An update about LADY JUSTICE?  Can this be real?

Believe it or not, I am here today to finally post more information about the PRISON NATION sequel.  It has taken me too long to get to this point.  If you have been following me on my blog and other feeds, you know what I mean.  But here we are.  Today.  Updating.

Are you ready?

FIRST:  A few LADY JUSTICE reminders...
1.  LADY JUSTICE is the sequel to my YA Dystopian novel, PRISON NATION.

2.  There will be no more books after this one.  It is the PRISON NATION DUOLOGY.
 Meaning there are only two.  This isn't a very common occurence, especially in the YA world, but I feel it is the right move for this storyline.  Enjoy it while it lasts.  I love where the story went, and plan to leave the rest to a reader's imagination as I move on to my other waiting manuscripts.

3.  It was written during the amazing craziness that is NaNoWriMo, back in 2012.  
Yes, four years ago.  I know.  Late is better than never.

4.  LADY JUSTICE will be Published in paperback and Kindle.
 I am still deciding on whether I will keep it exclusive or also do Nook and iBooks.

Now that those items are out of the way...

I have been working on LADY JUSTICE! After this reason and that reason and who knows how many other reasons, I have finally buckled down and decided to get this done.

Here is where I am at right now:

- Finishing up the edit/rewrite round.  Rewrite you ask?  Well, after much pondering, I decided a certain section that was not in the original write of LADY JUSTICE needed to happen.  I am at that point right now.  I am about 50 pages from the end of the book, and trying to decide where to add in a few chapters worth of content.  This has slowed me down a bit, but has not stopped me.  I love the add-in I am creating and I feel it will better tie up the story with a mean old dystopian bow.

- So when do I aim to finish this round?  If all goes right (meaning I stay focused and stop with the excuses) I aim to finally finish this round in about a week, give or take.

- What next?  Beta readers!  My Betas have been waiting far too long for this MS.  So in about 1-2 weeks, they will check their emails and find a book waiting for them to tear apart.  This part always gives me a stroke.

-  What do I do while they read?  Well, for one I am directing a three week children's theatre camp, so I will be kept busy.  Aside from that, I will finally concoct the dreaded synopsis for LADY JUSTICE and start in on finalizing the cover layout.

- By the end of August all the Beta reads will flood my inbox, and I will set to work plugging in edits and polishing this book up.

- Is there a projected publication date yet?  Well...I don't want to say an exact date due to still rediscovering my groove with everything.  But I will say this:  I plan to publish NO LATER than December 1, 2016.  Why that date you ask?  It is PRISON NATION's 5th birthday, that's why.  The OFFICIAL publication date will be announced as soon as I get a better idea of how long everything will take me.

- Until then... I just need my amazing readers' support.  I cannot wait to be back in the published world and sharing my creations with all you librophiles.  Find me on FB, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram...and keep holding me accountable.  With our powers combined...books will happen!  (Yes, I went Captain Planet on you.)

Are you excited?
I sure am!


Paula Barrows said...

So very excited. I have waited a long, long time to find out what happens. I am going to reread Prison Nation.

Paula Barrows said...

So very excited. I have waited a long, long time to find out what happens. I am going to reread Prison Nation.

Jenni Merritt said...

Paula - Thanks for being excited! (I know...weird thing to thank someone for. But you know me...)

Paula Barrows said...

There is always something to be excited for. That you are able to make progress is amazing


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