Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WIP Day - NaNo WINS and Proof Copies

It be WIP Day.
As every week.

And what updates we do have!

First, and pretty awesome (in case you missed my random post about it on Monday)...

I am a NaNoWriMo 2011 WINNER!

That's right.  At around 1:15 AM Monday morning, I crossed the 50k line and secured myself a NaNo win. I had planned to write enough to finish Monday evening, but as the word count got closer, I just couldn't stop.  Luckily, hubby had Monday off, so I was able to stay up late and type like mad.  He was even sitting next to me on his computer as I crossed the line.

I literally raised my arms in the air and cheered.  It was awesome.
And he got to see it.

I was starting to worry about if I would win this year.  It was tough.  The story was being mean to me.  My kiddos became anti-let-mommy-write soldiers.  I still had a photo backlog to catch up on, and honestly... sleep started to sound better to me than most anything.

Three wins in a year.  So pretty!
Gosh, do I love my #writeshove friends on Twitter.  And my awesome Portland NaNo region.  And my friends who nag me nonstop (Yes Kimmel and Keary... majorly you.)

I feel great.  I accomplished my goal.
Though I might not be in love with RS right now.  While I know it requires MUCH editing and many gaps to be filled in before I potentially fall in love with it someday...  I am proud.  This was my third book I have written in one year.  My third rough draft brought into creation.  Three novels in a year. This is just nuts.  And regardless of my exhaustion and always messy home...
I feel great!

If you are out there and doing NaNoWriMo: HIGH FIVE.  Perhaps you have already won.  If so, I now throw confetti in your direction.  Perhaps you are still racing to the end.  If that is the case, KEEP GOING.  You can do this.  And perhaps you gave it a try but this year just didn't go right.  I still high five you.  Many people out there didn't even try.
You are amazing.

Whats next?:
A break.  That's right.  For at least the month of December, I am setting these WIPs aside and letting them simmer.  Maybe I will catch up on my photo editing.  Maybe I will read much to many books.  Maybe I will give in and not stick to this at all.  Either way, that is what is next.  Come January I plan to pull ITB back out of the drawer... and see what happens.

PN Update:
Have I mentioned?  I ordered my proof copy.
That's right!  It was shipped last Thursday, with an ETA of the 5th... such a long wait.  And I am going nuts.  But it should be worth it.  I am really hoping that it arrives and looks great and I can approve it.  As nervous as I am right now about releasing it to the world... I just need to get it done.

My Kindle version is all ready to go as well.  All it is waiting for is the paperback... and Prison Nation will enter the world.

In Other News:

  • Did you see the interview Writing in Wonderland posted... of me?  So surreal to see the word "author" next to my name...
  • Don't forget to follow me other ways other than GFC, especially if you do not have Blogger.  Big GFC change coming in the future, and I love you all too much to lose you.
  • I officially own a Kindle now.  It's true.  Don't get me wrong: I still opt for good old paper pages LONG before I turn to the ebook.  Still... It is nice to get my NetGalley books to read.  And to now offer book reviews for people who can only send ecopies.  

That's about it for this Wednesday!  How is your day going??

Happy Writing!


David P. King said...

That is totally awesome! Congrats on sticking to it through the end. Those do look pretty. :)

Jamie Manning said...

So excited for you! And can't wait to read Prison Nation!

Trisha said...

I'm very excited about your upcoming release, wheee!

Congrats no NaNo '11 - that rocks!!

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

So exciting! Now I'm torn...Kindle and on paper? Hmm...I can't get the Kindle autographed...

Jenni Merritt said...

Live - bahaha unless you want permanent marker on your Kindle ;) (I have actually thought that would be cool... get all you FAVE authors to sign the back of your kindle. Dont'cha think?)


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