Monday, December 26, 2011

2011... What a Year!

Today is the last Monday of 2011.  Can you believe that?  This year seems to have just sped by, and I barely know where it went.  Before we know it, 2012 will spring into being and we will all be on our way to making a new year and new goals.

Today I thought it would be fun for me to walk down memory lane a little.  Reminisce on what 2011 had in store for me.  Care for a stroll?


January - I cracked my knuckles, opened my word document, and began the first editing round of Prison Nation.  This was something I had never done before, and I have to say: I felt pretty lost about it.  Luckily I had Keary and Kimmel by my side to keep me going.  I cast my main characters... and then I won a raffle and a spot in a Revision course!  The new mantra Lani taught?: I am a GREAT writer!

February - Editing rolled on.  In February two fellow bloggers posted interviews of yours truly.  Wow, that was crazy.  Seeing an interview, even one just about me aspiring, was a real kicker.  It made me realize how much I wanted to keep writing, to someday see an Author interview... to keep my promises to myself.  Thank you Brad and Abby for that.  I also created my Facebook page.

March - I finally decided it was time to set up a blogging schedule.  I was addicted.  This blog... it was fast becoming something that was the main fuel to my fire.  I wrote a post about how books help us live forever... something I still firmly believe.  Then I printed up Prison Nation for the first time ever, and prepped for that paper edit.  Holding the book in my hands, granted it was just printer paper and a binder... I will never forget that feeling.  Wow.

April - I posted an April's fool post that must have been written much too clever... my mom called, along with a few other friends and many emails, telling me that I should never give up on writing.  I posted a disclaimer to that fool post... and realized how many people believed in me.  Then felt good that I wrote a post good enough to get that reaction.  (Yes, a little evil here) My oldest kiddo turned 3 (ah!), I kept on with my editing, and I read one of my top favorite books of the year: The Maze Runner.

May - I shared my top 10 Procrastination Devices.  Most of those devices still take over my writing time... but I can at least say I was able to bump StumbleUpon off the list... then I discovered Twitter and Tumblr.  Oh my.. it was good while it lasted.  I wrote one of my favorite posts, about writing chub.  And then I finished editing round #5.  I was getting there!  My baby turned 1... what a way to end the month!

June - I entered a 1000 word writing contest... and won!  That was pretty awesome.  There was no prize, other than knowing that someone liked my work.  And let me tell you: that worked for me!  Later than months I interviewed Keary Taylor about her writing and her up-coming novel, Eden. (Yes, the Eden that is now on its way to Hollywood! Crazy, huh?) I even gave away a copy of that awesome novel.  The month ended with my igniting my Race to 100... 100 followers.  And what a race it was.  I finished the month with more editing, and sharing a few of the awesome author photos good friend Vince took of me.

July - The month started with my finishing my polishing round of Prison Nation!  I fell down a flight of cement stairs while taking photos of some friends (ow) and spent the down time prepping Prison Nation for querying. Querying began, along with Kimmel self-publishing her novel, Transformation.  Go Kimmel!  I even interviewed her all about it.  That month I also wrote my post that to date has had the most hits on my blog, all about loving your antagonist.

August - I decided to dive into Camp NaNoWriMo for the month of August.  My WIP In the Blood needed to attention, and the challenge was just too enticing.  Man, it felt great to be writing instead of editing.  Yeah... I am not an editing fan.  At this point I had already recieved some rejections for Prison Nation, some partial requests as well, and wanted nothing more than to dive into another imaginary world as querying went on.  August also meant celebrating my 6 year anniversary with my amazing hubby... as well as my 25th birthday! And yes, I won Camp NaNoWriMo as well. Barely... but at least I did.

September - I began the month with sharing some of my photography.  Yes, I do that too.  What can I say, I love art of all kind.  In August I had 2nd shot my first wedding, and come September I was crazy with editing the many shoots I did while visiting family and friends in Washington.  That was pretty much how I spent the month of September.  I shared my thoughts on inspiration, took part in some awesome blog hops, and wondered what would happen to Prison Nation.

October - Phew!  This year was just speeding by!  What with book editing, book writing, book querying.  Blogging, photography, mommy duties... What was I saying?  I got the chance to attend the Smart Chicks Kick It tour, and got to hear some great authors chat about what we all love most: Books.  I even got photos, and signings!  Very, very cool.  By this point I had also decided that self-publishing was the route for Prison Nation.  I had had great response to it, but no line and sinkers.  So, off I went, prepping away.  I posted a thought from Scott Westerfeld that he shared at this year's Wordstock event: Finish Everything. And I discovered my enemy word in writing: "was"

November - NaNoWriMo began!  I had been hoping to be prepped much more for it this year, but working on Prison Nation took control of my life.  Still, Redone Shadows began to form into something we call a book, as I formatted Prison Nation on the side lines.  I wrote a post inspired by a fellow Portland WriMo, about teaching your character to ride a bike.  I even revealed the final cover for Prison Nation!  Sylvia interviewed me over at her blog (happy dance) and I finished the month with a bang, winning NaNoWriMo 2011 and ordering my proof copy of Prison Nation.  WHEW!

December - I started the month with something awesome: Releasing Prison Nation to all of you.  Hitting that approve button... was an experience I cannot even describe.  This was my baby, and I was letting it out into the world.  I was nervous.  Excited.  Scared out of my mind.  And very, very proud of myself.  And seeing how much friends and family, and even people I didn't know, welcomed it into the book world... I did get teary eyed, often.  Ruthie posted a review even.  Thank you!  The month ended with a completely amazing Christmas, lots of love, and too much candy.  No, I take that back.  You can never have too much candy.


And here we are! What a year this was.  Editing one book, writing two others.  All of my adventures.  Discovering this amazing writing community, all of you.  There have been downs, but so many more ups that I have to say 2011 was a great great year in my book.  I cannot thank all of you enough for all the support, laughter and drive you give me.  2012 will be great, I can feel it.  Can you?

Want to know my plans and goals for this next year?  Make sure to check my post next Monday.  And until then, as always...


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Wow - what an incredible year you've had! Congrats!


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